Sunday, November 1, 2009

Park City 2009

I realized today that I have not posted about our wonderful Park City trip.  It has been a tradition now for 23 years.  We have picture books for 21 of those years.  As usual, this year was fantastic.  Each year just seems to get better and better.  Maybe it is because as we get older we mature more and realize how important these family times are and how precious it is to be able to have this week in our lives.  

Each year has memories and helps shape each of us up there but this year just seemed to be that much more special.  Both Jessica and Megan came up on Thursday so we had some days together.  We got to shop with Grammy which is always fun and and the girls and I shopped away and we all got fun things.  Dad makes it fun cause he gives us the funds.  

The food was great and of course and all the fun traditional treats.  Let me name a few.  We have Aunt Farol's treat, Michael's treat, Grandma's divinity, Dee's caramels and licorice caramels, kay's 14 layer dessert, fancy drinks and on and on.  We eat very well.  And I always end up with a sick stomach by the end of the week.  I love it all so much.  

Anyway it was so fun being with my mom and sister, Aunt Joyce and Dee the first of the week and then with everyone else as they slowly arrive one by one.  Krissy on Wed. then Meg, Jessica, Stacey, Cami and Naty Mae on Thursday, Kimmie on Friday and Nikki on Saturday.  So we just missed Kimmie's 2 girls.  It was a great week and I feel blessed that we get this special time together.  We are very blessed in many ways to be able to do this.  

I will see about posting some pictures.  

                              Jessica, Grammy, Krissy and Megan

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