Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful for..........

Ok,  I know I have blogged about my wonderful man but today I am so so grateful for him.  He has made our family what it is.  He makes every day a good one.  He makes every holiday the best.

My honey supports me in every effort or every adventure I take.  Right by my side the whole time cheering me on.  Take Thanksgiving for example.  He comes home from work on Wed. and starts helping me.  I had cooked literally all day and didn't stop until after 11:00 (why does it take so long) and he was there doing whatever I needed.  Then on Thanksgiving Day he is up first, running on the treadmill and gets ready for the day before anyone is even up.  When I finally roll out of bed he asks what he can do to help.  So side by side we have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and dinner along with our wonderful family and extended family.  Then he gets the flag football game going because it is the most important thing in JJ's life and has been for the past month when I gave him the idea.  And after the game we were off to UP.  Jeff gets us there and gets the tickets, treats and seats and we all settle in for a fun movie.  Back home out comes the pie and guitar playing from Bryant.  All because of my wonderful man.  He is always upbeat and happy and loves everyone.  Truly not a bad bone in his body.  He is such a great example to all of us and a true example of living a Christ-like life.  I could go on and on about my man, but I love him and so thankful that he is mine for eternity.

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Megan & Curtis said...

thats my pops :) love him ..and momma too!!