Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grateful for........my humble abode

This morning, way early this morning, the wind was howling and I could tell the snow storm that has been predicted was moving in.  As my little boy lay in my bed burning with a fever and throwing up about every hour (it was a rough night) all I could do was pray and thank my Heavenly Father for my home.  The walls to protect and a comfortable warm bed to lay in and the heater coming on regularly to heat up our home.  I thought of the pioneers and other people whom I know have been so ill and not had the proper shelter.  Just made me feel really humble and grateful.  

My house is not a fancy one.  It is not up to date with all the new stuff. It is decorated on a small budget but is just fine.  Needs new flooring desperately, but it is warm.  Very warm and very comfortable especially when you are very sick.  So today I am in a very grateful mode.  Grateful for the comforts that we are blessed with everyday.

 JJ, when he is not sick.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Catch Up

Ok, so these pictures are posted in a funny arrangement, but that is the best I can do for right now.  I will be posting some more hopefully and with a little more info about what is going on in our lives.  But these photos are a quick run down.  So if I am on the ball, a post will come tomorrow.  Right now it is time to study spelling words and read with JJ.

Ragnar, Camping, South Dakota Vacation 2009

This is how Jessica and JJ looked after their horseback ride.

Jessica's Graduation 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catching Up

I know it's about time that I sit here for a moment and start to catch up. Megan keeps telling me to get to it. Me, the journal writing freak since I was 14 thanks to my older sister, and I can't keep up with a blog. I am turning a new leaf as of today or tomorrow or sometime. For now, I am just going to start uploading some pictures that I want on here of past events. I will have sweet Jessica's high school graduation, some of us camping at Aspen, then a quick trip to South Dakota. I will have to explain that later as well. I will try to get something from August and finish with some Park City pictures. Then I can go back and update and try not to leave too much out.

The only thing is that when I get writing I tend to write a lot and it might be boring for some. I will try hard to remember not to carry on.

Ok, off to finding the pictures I want and see if I can put them where I want. Megan showed me how a little while ago.