Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grateful for........my humble abode

This morning, way early this morning, the wind was howling and I could tell the snow storm that has been predicted was moving in.  As my little boy lay in my bed burning with a fever and throwing up about every hour (it was a rough night) all I could do was pray and thank my Heavenly Father for my home.  The walls to protect and a comfortable warm bed to lay in and the heater coming on regularly to heat up our home.  I thought of the pioneers and other people whom I know have been so ill and not had the proper shelter.  Just made me feel really humble and grateful.  

My house is not a fancy one.  It is not up to date with all the new stuff. It is decorated on a small budget but is just fine.  Needs new flooring desperately, but it is warm.  Very warm and very comfortable especially when you are very sick.  So today I am in a very grateful mode.  Grateful for the comforts that we are blessed with everyday.

 JJ, when he is not sick.

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Megan and Curtis Larsen said...

cute post mama ..i love it. and cute pic of jace ..hope he is feeling much better ..love.