Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring....please come!

I am so wanting Spring.  I think most of us are.  I went out on Friday and noticed some pretty daffodils growing in my yard.  I grabbed the scissors so fast and made a beautiful little flower arrangement.  Well, not really an arrangement, but a nice bunch of flowers and placed them on my table.  Next morning, woke up to snow.  But the pretty flowers remind me that Spring is right around the corner.

Now, I have been lazy in updating my blog.  I am doing good keeping up with project life and if I ever figure out how to make a picture grid, I will grid up some pictures.  So for now, I am going to do a run down the best I can of some past events through the pictures I put up.  First, Denver.  We went there as a family.  Jeff gave us tickets to Taylor Swift concert and so we flew there for four days, saw Taylor twice and flew home.  These are some fun pictures of our trip.  I need to learn how to do a grid.  Help someone.

I hate pictures of me, but love my honey.  

This was a very fun trip with everyone.  Nice spring break for JJ.