Sunday, November 15, 2009

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh..........

On Sunday nights, at 6 P.M. America's Funniest Home Videos come on.  So we watch it.  Well, we as in Jessica, JJ and me.  So the laughing begins.  Sometimes it comes on late as well so I can watch it then too if I am waiting for Jessica to come home.

One night I was downstairs watching the show.  I don't even know why or what time it was or anything, but I was by myself.  I think Jessica, JJ and dad were upstairs.  I, of course, am laughing and I barely hear someone upstairs ask, "what is she doing?", and the reply, "oh she has to be watching funniest videos."  So it goes.  I laugh at the videos even if I am all by myself.  But we do enjoy this show on Sunday evenings at 6 and we good some really good for ya laughing in as well.

(Side note here.  We missed Megan and Curt today.  They usually come and spend a little time, but Megan had to work.  We missed you two.  Love ya.)

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Nikkie said...

I love Americas funniest home videos!! I have to admit, we watch it a my house too... Rob and I laugh so hard, sometimes we cry!! Gotta love those feel good shows.