Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for..........

Ok, playing catch-up.  I missed the last three days.  Each day I knew what I was thankful for but just never got to the computer.  So let's begin where I left off.

I am thankful for a kitchen that I can experiment all my fun cooking recipes that I find.  I love to try new recipes.  And I Love having a willing family to taste the stuff.  :)

Second Missed Day
I am thankful that I can get up and walk or run each day.  That my health allows me to enjoy physical activity.

Third Missed Day
I am thankful for three crazy kids that drag me to movies at 11:30 at night.  New Moon rocks.

Having fun at midnight! Waiting for Jacob and Edward!

Today I am thankful for the Christmas Season.  Jessica reminded us it is time to set up the Christmas tree so that is what we did.  Thank  you daddy for helping us get it out.  And thank you Jessica and JJ for helping.  It was a fun Sunday afternoon.  Then Jessica and I had to watch the Holiday while Jeff and JJ watched Real win.  Jessica and I caught the final kicks when they actually won.  So that was great.  I also did some church work while watching the movie so that makes it even better.  :)

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