Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th

Well, half the month has flown by.  Jessica, JJ and I headed to South Point in Las Vegas during Spring Break.  Jeff was going to meet up with us on Wed. but didn't make it.  Work too busy.  We so missed him.  I have some pictures I will try to add if I can figure out how to do it so they are little and part of this post.  :)  

We missed dad so much but it was a great time.  We sat by the pool and play some bowling, played at the arcade, drove to see the temple.  That was great.  Fun to see all the temples when we travel.  We watched movies in the room and ate at In and Out which we love.  Had to eat there 2 times.  Shopped one of the days and it is always fun to "touch the fabric" shop.  That is when you touch the fabric but don't buy.  That saying comes from my dear Aunt Dora.  The kids learned about the "oh hell" cars too which also came from Aunt Dora.  That is when you are searching for a parking spot and you see it down a ways and when you get to the empty spot it is taken by a little car you couldn't see so you say, "oh hell."  Thank you Aunt Dora.  Keeps a person from getting upset cause everyone laughs when you say it.  

So we made it home safe and sound.  Jessica did get dropped off in Orem and stayed with a friend she has down there and Jeff picked her up on his way back from Helper.  So it was a full week.

Easter came and went so fast.  I always love Easter.  It was a crazy one this year.  Fun to see Meg and Curt and they even got to find their basket.  Couldn't forget them.  

We enjoyed every session of conference.  I just love that time of year.  I almost can say those are the two best weekends of a year.  There is Christmas and Park City and Mud Springs as well, but I just so love General Conference.  Makes you want to be good and try so much harder to be the best you can be.

Ok, I better close here and get to bed.  Have to get up early.  Jeff and I are trying to get in shape for the Wasatch Back Relay.  Megan and Curtis are going to join us.  Crazy but fun.  So have to get up and run before  I go walk with my friends.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Usually I like to play a little trick or joke on my kids.  Last year it was a funny dinner.  Today I better get to it if I am going to make something happen.  We will see.

But I haven't updated for a while so I have a few events to write about.  Last Thursday, I headed to St. George.  I stopped in Spanish Fork and picked up mom.  Dad brought her that far so I wouldn't have to go all the way to Price.  So we headed out and met up with Kay.  She was there with her trailer so we joined her and had an amazing weekend.  Jeff was his wonderful self and ran the house.  

It was nice being with mom and my sister.  We swam in the pool there and enjoyed 80 degree weather.  Even mom swam.  We visited and ate good food.  We watched a couple of good movies and then headed home on Monday.  The weather was starting to get chilly on Monday and we came back to snow.  Yuk.  Mom came back and stayed the week here.  That was nice.  Jeff took her home on Friday.  

It was fun to have her.  She was able to see JJ play his soccer game.  He played his last indoor game last night.  Now he starts outside.  So it was a good week having her here.  We were able to meet Aunt Joyce and Dee for lunch a day.  

JJ got sick again.  It has been a rough winter for him.  So he was down for a couple of days.  We got his county report done and he hit the bed.  He was there all weekend but made it to school on Monday so that is good.  

Jessica had Prom this weekend.  She had a date on Friday night and then the dance on Saturday.  So it was an eventful Saturday.  I had the first ward baptism that I was in charge of.  Well Chris, my 2nd counselor, did all the work before had and I just made sure it went ok on Sat.  It did.  There was a lot of other stuff going on but Jeff came home early from Helper and so that helped a ton.  He is always the life saver at our house.  

So I am going to post some pictures of Jessica in her pretty dress.  She looked like a princess.  Megan came and helped and it was fun to have her a part of it.