Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running in the snow......

Waking up on a Saturday morning and going for a run is not always my first choice for a Saturday morning. EXCEPT when there is fresh snow falling from the sky.  Yup, the best time to go for a run.  I guess I should not say "run" in my case.  More a "waddle".  I use to run in my younger and skinnier days, but now I just waddle.  But waddle or run, it doesn't matter when the air is crisp and clean and there is that peaceful feel in the air that a fresh snow storm brings.  So Saturday, that is what I got to do.  I can't make if for long.  I waddled on for about 45 to 50 glorious minutes and enjoyed each one.  I wish I was in a little bit better shape but working on that.  I am always working on that.  I go through the good weeks and then the not so good weeks.  But for the most part I am out there waddling on and on.  Hopefully for many more years.  

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