Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project Life

New years resolutions. Everyone asks and most everyone says LOSING
WEIGHT! I was asked and said my resolution is not to make a resolution to lose weight. Even though I need to I am just going to work on getting in better shape so I can run my mountain in the Spring. So what does this have to do with Project Life? Well everyone needs to set some sort of "better yourself" goal for the new year so I decided I was going to do a picture a day and journal about it. Yup, that is it. So since the first of the year, seven whole days, I have done just that. I think this will be fun because I have always loved to write in journals. So this year I will have a daily journal of my family's life. So excited. Ordered the kit from Becky Higgins, my favorite scrapbooking celebrity. Just love her style and it arrived and Jessica and I had fun going through it and putting it together. So below are some of the pictures I have taken so far!

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