Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh if there was endless money, I would travel the world.  I would take my kids and family and just hit the sky and let go.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Flight Attendant.  Everything I did i.e. career paths in school, interest tests, research for jobs, always Flight Attendant was first. That was my dream so I could travel all around.  I almost did when I had finished 2 years of college except that I had a scholarship to Utah State and felt like I could not turn that down in order to go to Miami, Florida and pay like $3,000 for a Flight Attendant school.  Oh I wanted to really bad, but something inside wouldn't let me take that leap.  I had the support of my parents though.  So off to Utah State to graduate in Business Education.  Then a friend of mine decided she was heading off to training to be a Flight Attendant.  We graduated together.  She told me to come along.  Oh I would have........but.........I was in love and about to get married.  So I am not a Flight Attendant, never have been and most likely never will be, but I am going to travel little by little and fill up my map.

I found this map on a travel website and put in the places I have been.  So as I fill them in I am going to update it.  I put in Japan even though I have not been but I am going so just had to include that because I am so excited.  Ok, so let's see if it comes up.

Happy Traveling Everyone!!!!!

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Megan and Curtis said...

thats an awesome map ..exactly what you need! haha ..yay for japan! only a few more months ..so excited for you!! love ya ..