Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catching Up

I know it's about time that I sit here for a moment and start to catch up. Megan keeps telling me to get to it. Me, the journal writing freak since I was 14 thanks to my older sister, and I can't keep up with a blog. I am turning a new leaf as of today or tomorrow or sometime. For now, I am just going to start uploading some pictures that I want on here of past events. I will have sweet Jessica's high school graduation, some of us camping at Aspen, then a quick trip to South Dakota. I will have to explain that later as well. I will try to get something from August and finish with some Park City pictures. Then I can go back and update and try not to leave too much out.

The only thing is that when I get writing I tend to write a lot and it might be boring for some. I will try hard to remember not to carry on.

Ok, off to finding the pictures I want and see if I can put them where I want. Megan showed me how a little while ago.

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