Friday, March 13, 2009


Monday night for family night we all did P-90x.  Now this is a new exercise video series that is crazy fun to do.  It is hard and we all huff and puff and laugh.  We are doing the arms and shoulders this night.  I took some funny pictures that I am going to try to post.  It actually was quite fun. Takes us about 1 our and 15 minutes to do it all and then the next day we all compare which muscles are the most sore.  Jessica did the legs on Friday or Saturday and was still quite sore come Monday.  

We finished the night with lots of water drinking, reading and then bed.

Thursday I almost went and got JJ from school to bring him home and pick up after himself. Can you believe that every room I entered there was evidence that JJ had walked into it.  It was toilet paper in both bathrooms on the floor (now how does that happen) socks in my bedroom, hat on the stairs, balls by the door, jacket on the box seat, book on the new couch.  Need I say more. I decided it was my fault for not being a good mother and making him do more jobs.  That way he will notice more of his messes if he is cleaning more.  So the list is coming out and back to the job chart on the fridge.  Let's see how that goes.  

Last night after we did math and practiced his piano, Jessica and I showed JJ the duet I want him to play at my piano recital.  He took a look at the music and listened to us play it and said, "I can't do that".  I said, "oh yes you can."  I showed him some patterns and gave him a couple of lines to do.  About a half hour later he had the whole song learned.  Yup, the whole song and it is not that easy.  Jessica and I just laughed and were amazed.  Kids can do anything they want if they are willing to work at it and love what they are doing.  He is quit the piano player.  It is fun to keep the piano tradition going.  

Jeff is down in Helper helping his dad.  Peas will be planted this weekend. Yum. We always miss him when he is gone but know that he needs to help down there too.  Grammy and Bapa are out of town this weekend.  Next weekend it  looks like mom and I will head to St. George to spend the weekend with Kay in her trailer.  That should be fun.  

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