Friday, March 5, 2010

My Celestial Kingdom

Last night was our Stake's Relief Society Conference.  Of course I was so excited.  The guest speaker was Michael Wilcox.  Wait, is that his first name?  Oh it was so good.  A fun video from ladies in the stake talking about the importance of the temple in their lives and it was so professional. I learned this morning on my walk with Becky that it really was done by a professional who lives in our stake and just did it.  So awesome.  Turned out just perfect.  Anyway, after a long, wonderful talk about going to the temple and making it a place of refuge he ended by explaining what he thought was the Celestial Kingdom.  After much contemplating one night he was basically asking the Lord if he could see the Celestial Kingdom.  What is it like?  It must be beautiful with foilage and flowers, mansions galore.  We know this just by some reading and by going to the temple and learning.  Well, the picture that came to him was that of a beautiful woman with long, silver hair who just happened to be his wife.

He did the best job explaining and it touched everyone there.  The whole night was filled with the best feeling but as he was describing the Celestial Kingdom I totally agreed with his vision.  As he was talking about it I was visioning my family gathered around me all dressed in white and happy and so much love around.  And then I saw my wonderful husband and knew that he was my Celestial Kingdom.  I could be anywhere as long as I had him by my side.  I could live in the worst of conditions or the best of conditions as long as he was there.  He makes my life worth living.  He is my light, my life,  my everything.  I will never be able to express to him how much he makes my everyday living the best.  Life is rough at times and there are challenges we all face, but I truly feel I can face anything as long as "my honey" is with me.  He is my Celestial Kingdom.  Thank you Brother Wilcox for pointing that out to me and reminding me.  I am so very lucky to have Jeff Callor in my life.  He is a "GOOD" man.

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