Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We love Nurses!!!

Last weekend we were able to attend Megan's graduation from Weber State Nursing.  She graduated with high honors and it was such a great accomplishment.  I will post a picture of her as soon as I get it on my computer.  

I sat there looking at my girl in her purple and was just bursting.  So proud of her.  It is amazing how we just pull for these children of ours to be successful and happy.  It was a very happy and fun day for us all.  Her cute hubby was so supportive and so fun to sit by him and watch the event.  We had a lot of family there and then after we had food at our house so the rest of Curt's family could come.  His parents went to the graduation and then his siblings and their children came to the house afterwards and it is just always so fun having them come.  They are so supportive.  Megan is blessed to be in such a great family.  Aunt Kay, Krissy, and Bry came as well as Grammy and Bapa and all of us.  It was just a great day.  

Along with the good news, I went to a scholarship awards dinner at the U for Jessica.  Her and I got to go.  She was presented her scholarship there and it just made her even more excited to to go to the U.  Then on our way to Megan's gradation, we got a call from Jessica's counselor and she had been nominated as an outstanding student and was to receive another $1,000 scholarship for the U.  So it was just an amazing day.  The hard, hard work of these two girls are paying off.  I was just so happy.  Happy mommy time.  Life is really good right now and we have been so blessed.  I just don't want it to end.  Just want all to keep going good and happy things keep happening.  Don't we all.  

I have to add something about JJ.  He is doing soccer and doing good there.  But we especially love his piano playing.  He is really into that and he fills our house with fun music and trying to learn every new piece that he can.  Right now it is Twilight, Bella's Lullaby.  He hear's something and wants to learn it so he works hard and does it.  It is fun.  So that is the update so far.  Life is good.  

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